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discarded worthless

gomen nasai, watashi no amata wa suika desu yo.

i need to be broken
21 March
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I adopted a cute lil' gothy fetus
from FetusMart! Hooray fetus!

His name is Billy.

Support Unlucky You... NOW.

The current mood of slowchemical at www.imood.com

Hi, I married strawberry_x at wedding_cake. Because, hi, she's my wife. *nods* <3333333333
I claimed gotstupid at claim_ljuser. He had no choice in this matter. Hi. You're mine now. ^_^

At radxcorekids, I claimed up all this right hurr:

[slash pairing] Pierre Bouvier/David Desrosiers
[sex slave] Sebastien Lefebvre (sami already got David! gasp! hehe.)
[bitch] Amy Lee. (rawr.)
[husband] Liam Young (heart! liam is a dork. ^_^. liam young like angus young? except not related. i think. no, not. *nods*)
[wife] SAMI!!!! (strawberry_x)
[personal advisor] GIR. (TUNA!)
[band] for amusement only <333 (*sobs* NOVO COME BACK!)
[song] "november rain" guns and roses

LAYOUT;; v 4.0 "Soulfire"
INFO;; IMAGE : Paine --> Final Fantasy.
(from Creative Uncut)


Doing: Listening to muuusic.
Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: green cordial. and it's NOT lime. it's COOLA.
Listening: Broken .. 12 Stones
Talking: to Sami.
Feeling: hungry.
Wearing: black.
Hair colour: purple, blonde and orange.
Nailpolish: black, almost gone.
Phone cover: black with a Powerpuff Girls sticker on it..
Ringtone: The Hell Song .. Sum 41


DVD COLD Live At The Chapel feat. good shiz like Good Charlotte, The Living End, Train, Ben Folds, Wheatus, Fuel etc.
VIDEO Queer Eye. taped for tina.
CD PLAYER All Killer No Filler .. Sum 41
DISCMAN Neon Ballroom .. silverchair
TOASTER The newest So Fresh CD .. Various (DIE POPPY TOP TEN MUSIC)
FRIDGE ....stuff.
MP3 Soulfire .. 12 Stones

Ladies and Bruces, this is our band. Nothing like local music to lift your spirits (even if it IS crap). Plus, we're not together anymore.

vox;; alyce, jenna, alice (probably not alice anymore)
guitar;; michael (we need a new guitarist)
bass;; catherine (rad by default)
percussion;; tina (she rox hardXc0re.)

give cauterizemylove more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

i miss you cupcake! </td>
My draggy!
I got my draggy at http://howcute.cjb.net!!!
Get one!

REPRESENT. not beautiful like you.

I am such a  dork.

I am SOOO freaking radXc0re.

Full Scale
Finger Eleven
Falling Forever
Simple Plan
Mandy Kane
Addicted To Simple Plan
Unlucky You
Close Call
For Amusement Only
Something With Numbers
Imaginary Light
Because, he deserves one.
Layout Whores
Crimson Regret

"Jimmy, you've been in there almost three hours."

"And then the boat came and we were saved. Well, we were almost saved.
Jimmy ate the boat before we could leave. Then we sank. And well, that's why we're here."

12 stones, acdc, afi, alice cooper, alyce collins, amy lee, armor for sleep, atticus, avenged sevenfold, bassists, benjamin hall, black sabbath, blink 182, blondie, bodyjar, boost juice, brand new, bright eyes, cauterize, cheesecake, chevelle, christina aguilera, classic rock, close call, concerts, dashboard confessional, ddr, deborah harry, dire straits, distorted epiphany, emmanuel carella, emo, evanescence, eyeliner, fenix tx, finch, finding nemo, finger eleven, for amusement only, from autumn to ashes, fuel, full scale, gameface, glassjaw, goldfinger, good charlotte, gravy, greenwheel, guitars, guns n roses, halo friendlies, hopesfall, hot hot heat, jimmy eat world, joan jett, joe walsh, joey jordison, john cameron mitchell, joydrop, juliana theory, kill hannah, kiss, kittie, level 27, lillix, linkin park, live at the chapel, lockstep&gone records, lote, m&m's, machine gun fellatio, made, mandy kane, marc bolan, marilyn manson, mark knoffler, matchbox 20, mental as anything, mest, metallica, moth, movielife, murderdolls, music, music dvds, mxpx, new found glory, nirvana, nofx, ok go, our lady peace, peter novosel, photos, piercings, pinky beecroft, placebo, punk rock, queens of the stoneage, queer as folk, rancid, rasputina, rock, role model, sami snyder, scooby doo, scott chapman, senses fail, sid vicious, simple plan, singing, slipknot, smack the pony, smile empty soul, something with numbers, spin doctors, stephen trask, sunday 36, t.rex, the ataris, the butterfly effect, the clash, the cure, the distillers, the eagles, the exies, the eyeliners, the lion king, the living end, the lost boys, the nightmare before christmas, the powerpuff girls, the ramones, the sex pistols, the smiths, the strokes, the used, the vines, the young ones, theodore liscinski, velvet goldmine, writing